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Communication Styles

Happy Business People

Do you ever wonder why you find it so easy to communicate with some people and so infuriatingly difficult to get through to others?

Why is it that another person, provided with the exact same information, may reach a conclusion that is far removed from your own?

Many of these disparities can be attributed to communication styles.

We each have natural preferences that influence how we perceive and process information and what we determine to be important. This workshop takes a comprehensive look at the elements that compose various communication styles, enabling you to recognize and to understand the natural preferences that affect your interactions with others, in both your professional and your personal life.

Understanding these preferences will allow you to separate content from style. (Most misunderstandings and subsequent disagreements have little to do with substance but much to do with style.) Being able to separate content from style will allow you to better determine what kinds of information others find relevant and in what format it will be most readily accepted.

The acquisition of these skills reduces misunderstandings and their associated conflicts, promotes an atmosphere of constructive camaraderie, and encourages individuals to work more effectively with one another.

Doesn't that sound nice?