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Culture & Diversity

Happy Business People

Have you ever wondered what planet somebody is from?

Often, impressions of others are related to differences in Culture and Diversity. Such factors play major roles in how we view the world, as well as in how we interpret and react to situations.

Are culture and diversity the same thing?

If not, how are they different?

Why is it important to distinguish between them?

Are they genetic, or are they learned?

How do they influence our perceptions and our behaviors?

This workshop addresses all of these questions, and more. Participants will have the chance to examine their own culture and diversity, as well as to learn how to relate more effectively to people who have different culture and diversity characteristics.

This workshop is fast paced, interactive, and fun. The level of understanding gained here enables participants to relate more comfortably to a wider variety of people.

It takes all kinds, folks. Learn to get along with them all!