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Computer Training

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Courses & Training

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L & L provides training in several different formats that are designed to meet a variety of needs. We offer training sessions ranging from several hours to several days.

Retreats consist of one to two days of intense training. Usually held in a resort-like setting, such as a state park lodge, they can be adapted to almost any occasion (a convention or a conference, for example).

Traditional training sessions are preferably held off-site and last about one business day.

Lite© training sessions are four hour sessions, held on-site or off. They are designed to provide participants with useful skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace. (The "Lite"© sessions are condensed versions of full sessions, based on the content that participants find most useful.)

The ideal setting for our sessions is a training room, but we can use practically any space. A lunch room or conference room works just fine.

The number of participants per session depends upon the type of training.

Soft Skills Training